Rathergood Media Services

So what do we do at Rathergood?


Interactive Services

Interaction between a television audience and their television programmes has grown in recent years due to the growth in second screen devices, the speed of home broadband and the power of mobile phones.   Interactivity provides a higher ROI for broadcasters by providing a unique and and more entertaining experience to the audience coupled with real time statistics for sponsors and advertisers.  Interactive Television from Rathergood Media needs to be seen to be believed.


Media Logistics

The Media Logistics service from Rathergood Media is one of the most dynamic  global media management for speed, accuracy and real-time reporting.  We can deliver content with any style guide, to any country in the world via our country based global cloud network with dedicated loop connectivity up to 10Gb/s.   Your files are automatically dropped onto a storage server inside your network via our unique multi-node software.

Play Out Services

Rathergood Media provides Cloud based Play Out Broadcast Services for Satellite or IP only transmission using the latest technology including 3D graphics engines and multiple language audio feeds.  4k Play Out, UHD Playout, HD Playout, SD Playout and 21:9 Play Out formats are available with web browser based media management and media scheduling including advertising and second screen technology integration.



Creative Video & Production

Creative Video and Video Production Services are covered within our creative suites.  We have full 3D animation through to global on location filming to produce the most engaging content from Video adverts and infomercials through to feature length promotional videos and music videos.   If you would like to see our video production of old then please check out the portfolio.


Television Production

Producing engaging television for Video on Demand networks, traditional broadcasters and specialist niche market audiences, Rathergood Media has a creative partnership network that are ready to take on any challenge.  Television audiences are a competitive market and the programmes that people like to watch change regularly depending on trends, time of year and time of day.


Live Event Broadcasting

If you are looking to broadcast an event live, be it online or integrated in to a broadcast channel, Rathergood has a project team dedicated to get the best coverage feeds to you anywhere in Europe.   We can project manage the location, the requirements, the location and even produce the event, all you have to do is tell us what to do with the output.  We have 4g mobile transmission via ruck sack, Satellite Truck or temporary leased line solutions.



Mobile Broadcasting

Mobile Services for Media within Quarter 3 of 2013 saw 50% of people who use online video portals watch on mobile or tablet devices and 75% are doing this within their own homes via WifiMobile and Tablet video media delivery has grown rapidly since BBC iPlayer was seen on mobile phones a few years ago.  Ignoring Mobile delivery is ignoring a high percentage of viewers who engage with video advertising and channel sponsorship at a higher level than that of traditional television.


Second Screen

Second screen broadcast solutions from Voting and Gambling through to viewer feedback.  This is fully hosted and managed with peak time broadcasting monitored via a 100% SLA using three hosting sites across Europe.  Our apps are fully white labelled from our proven technology to reduce the time to market and the overall cost of delivery and management.


Catch-Up TV

Video on Demand platforms are around in all shapes and sizes, but broadcasters are realising the upkeep of these services are getting more and more complex with multiple devices, internet speeds and locations.  Well at Rathergood we have a white label Video on Demand platform which has subscription, pay per view, HD, 4k, mobile integration, voting and more….  Why not just outsource your technology and concentrate on your content?