Board game bust ups

A new study from The Entertainer reveals Britain’s favourite board games, along with what’s causing the most arguments and where the UK’s biggest cheaters live.

The survey of 2000 Brits also reveals the games causing the most arguments, and which cities have the most bust-ups.

Which Cities are arguing the most?

Belfast takes the top spot with the highest percentage of people arguing over a board game, then in close second with 47.7% is Leeds. Us in London are up there in top 4 position, with 45.7% of us arguing over a board game… oops.

Which board games are causing the most arguments?

Exploding Kittens takes top spot for causing the most arguments with 50.5% of the UK arguing over it! No surprise that Monopoly is in second, that game gets so intense.

UK’s favourite board games

Monopoly continues to be the most popular board game in the UK, with 26.3% of us playing it in the last 6 months (at Christmas this would be a different story). Scrabble comes close behind with 25.4% and then Snakes and Ladders in third with 20.8%

So, what are we arguing about?

Turns out we argue over the rules of the game than anything else and then not surprising in second is when someone cheats at the game! Don’t you just hate it when someone is a bad loser? Well that comes in third place for the most argued about during board games.

Take a closer look at which cities are most likely to cause these offences

If you’re living in Bristol watch out, you’re the highest offending city to correct others on what the rules are. Also, people in Bristol are more likely to be distracted or not concentrate on the game.. tut tut.

Watch out if you live in Belfast or London, you cheaters!

People living in Belfast and London are the most likely cities to cheat in a board game, we are offended! With the cities of Southampton and Liverpool following closely behind in third and fourth. You might be safe of board game cheaters if you live in Manchester and Brighton.

The Entertainer has come up with some great tips on avoiding board game bust ups with your family and friends.

3 top tips for avoiding board game bust-ups

  1. Make sure everyone is clear on the rules before you begin. Disagreements or confusion over the rules are some of the main causes of arguments when playing board games. So, take some time to go over the rules before you start, making sure everyone is 100% clear on them, to avoid issues further down the line.
  2. Take a break if things start to get heated. If you start to notice players looking a bit worked up and think an argument might be on the horizon, don’t be afraid to stop and take a break. Step away from the table for 5 minutes and give everyone a chance to cool down.
  3. Remember, it’s just a game. While it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of everything, it’s important to remember that it’s just a game. It doesn’t really matter who wins or loses, the most important thing is that everyone has fun!


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