Eighth Wonder – I’m Not Scared

“I’m Not Scared” is a 1988 song recorded by British pop band Eighth Wonder. The group’s fifth single – the first single from the album Fearless – was released in 1988. It achieved success in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the UK, where it was a top ten hit. Written by the Pet Shop Boys, the original version contains several words in French. “J’ai pas peur”, the B-side of the vinyl, is the French adaptation of “I’m Not Scared”. The 12″ “disco mix” combines the two versions into one long mix. Eighth Wonder were an English pop band, formed in 1983 in London. The band were composed of singer (future model and actress) Patsy Kensit, her brother Jamie Kensit, Steve Grantley and Geoff Beauchamp.

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